Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I love to clip box tops.  It is an easy and nearly effortless way to help out local schools.  We now have a way for you to support the camp that is also free and nearly effortless!  Introducing...

You can earn money by searching the web and/or when you shop online. 

If you use iGive to search the web, the camp will receive $0.01 per search.  This may not seem like much, but those pennies could add up!  If each person on our mailing list did one search per week for a year the camp could earn over $2300.00.  To make it easy to search with iGive, there is a simple toolbar that can be installed with your Internet Explorer. 

If you do very much online shopping we could be earning a percent of your purchases at no additional cost to you!  There are over 700 stores who team up with iGive.  When you shop at one of these stores with your iGive account activated the camp will receive a percent of your sales.  I have seen everything from 0.8% to 8%, depending on the store.  Some of our favorite participating stores are...
Al: iTunes, Best Buy,
Mischia:  Coldwater Creek, Family Christian, Amazon
Caleb:  Lowes, Bass Pro Shop
Mary:  Shutterfly, Staples, Babies R Us

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